HATCH X WILMA babies have arrived !!!

May 1st, 2016

Hatch - Wilma babies

Hatch - Wilma Kids


Hatch & Wilma pups

Soul …Tango …Jazz …Cha Cha Cha …Salsa


Jazz& Soul

Salsa, ChaCha Jazz


Soul & Tango


Salsa (2)


March 24 2016

Congratulations to Michaela and Andreas Stolzenberg  !!

AM GCH Tampa Bay & Snobo Gusty Seas Batten Down The Hatch  “HATCH”

and Dt JCH/CH Sunrise of Sweet Heartbreakers  “WILMA”

The babies names are:  Soul, Tango, Jazz, ChaChaCha, and Salsa